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Can't clip article - webclipper does not give me menu of options


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I use web clipper for chrome; Evernote 5.5.1, Chrome with Mac 10.9.4.


When I go to clip an article it flashes on the full menu of options that I used to use to select "clip article" - but it then instantly defaults to a box with the name of the article.  The only option it gives me is cancel.  HOW DO I GET THE MENU BACK??  I've tried this repeatedly on different articles - no menu.  I'm no longer able to clip articles.  An example of this was when I was trying to clip:




It will do a screen shot - but will no longer let me clip the article.  This has happened repeatedly - over the past two weeks -- before it was fantastic.




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It sounds like your Clipper is starting in the Screenshot mode. The default behavior is to start in the last used clip type. When it starts in screenshot mode you can always cancel out of this to get back to the full menu. Just click the cancel button in the top right corner. 


Other things you can do is visit the options page and change the setting for 'Default clip action' to be article or something then it will always start in that mode. 

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All I get is the view in the attachment.  Also, no matter how often I turn off smart notebooks or whatever it's called and either specify the default notebook, or choose the default notebook opiton, it keeps reverting to smart mode, which isn't/


I will try to uninstall, reinstall, but it seems I have to do this every few weeks. I used to have what gazumped showed, which is what I want.


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