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Calendar Apps for the Garden Year

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I recently joined the community and run Evernote on Windows 8.1 and on my Imac (snow leopard). There are a variety of calendar apps in the Evernote app center and I am looking for one that would allow me to work in both Windows and OSX and that integrates with Google Calendar also. I want to be able to consolidate all my garden notes, when & where to purchase seeds, temperatures, results, harvest etc into a calendar format. Any recommendations? Has anyone tried to use Evernote for this? Best

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I highly recommend Sunrise as my calendar of choice as it is the only calendar that allows you to see Evernote notes/events as well as personal schedules in the calendar interface. It supports iOS and Mac but you can use it on a browser for Windows. This is a very useful tool for Evernote users! I love it. I would go as far to say that Sunrise is the missing piece for Evernote as a complete productivity tool.


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