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Any planned updates for Evernote Pebble? More checklist features?

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Are there any plans to add additional functionality to the Pebble app?


I see that the Evernote Pebble App has the ability to see checklists, which is awesome. Changed my way of using the watch!


Are there plans to have the checklist items auto-scroll, so that you can see more than the first few characters?


Also, will there be a way to see breaks in the lists, to see your groupings more easily?


Looking forward to the next update!



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Good news last week since the 2.8 pebble firmware now support characters from other languages. Still, it would be cool that the evernote app for pebble adapt to this new feature. i have french characters like é and à in notes, that simply don't display on the watch. so instead of "prévoir" , I get "prvoir".


Second bug on the evernote for pebble app: search doesn't work. doesn't matter which search I select, i Always get the same result.


Still. love the fact that I can access notes really fast on my pebble :) 

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