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Request: Improve Inline Display of MS Word & Excel Documents



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Display of Word Document in EN Mac 5.5.2 Needs Improvement

It is a great feature of EN Mac that it can display MS Office documents inline.  This is a very powerful feature, if done properly.

Unfortunately, there are at least two major issues with the display:

(see screen shots below)

1.  Large margins not in the Word or Excel document are added to the display

  • This causes the document to be greatly reduced in size in order to fit the EN Note window.
  • This wastes so much space that it greatly reduces the value of the inline display.

2.  Table grid lines are not displayed

Evernote, please change the inline view to correct these problems.
Note that Excel has the same issue.



Screen shot of EN Mac Inline Display of Word





Screen shot of Word Doc in MS Word 2011 app



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