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Integrating a foreign language spelling checker

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Hello everyone,


I've read some posts dating back to 2011 by Evernote customers requiring a foreign language spelling dictionary capability.


I don't know Evernotes' foreign market share, but I have a feeling it's quite a large number.


What would it take to write a simple note in Greek for example and have a spelling checker do its magic?


Anyone from Evernote care to reply?

Is this something extremely difficult to integrate into your existing product?

Have you any immediate plans?


Thank you

A loyal Evernote customer

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Evernote don't usually respond to individual posts - we're a user forum.  They also don't do spell checking in any language including English,  so I wouldn't think it's high on their list.  If they did add something it would have to be available in most languages on all platforms,  so yes - it would be a bit difficult and very expensive to get that together.


And Evernote don't advertise their plans anyway.


Sorry   :(

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Thank you kindly for your reply.

I guess their marketing plans are quite different than the needs of their customers or perhaps they have a shortage of finances, developers and other necessary resources.

Oh well, it's sad when one sees only a tree when there's a whole forest ahead.

Take care and thanks again.

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Actually I don't think spellcheck in any language has been raised repeatedly,  while there have been some quite rabid exchanges on other issues.  Your post here will have put it back on the devs' radar,  so there might be some movement.. eventually...

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On 3/20/2016 at 4:22 PM, CrazyDr said:

Thanks, it works great!! :-)

You're very welcome.
For all of us using more than one language using an editor environment without the assistance of a spelling checker, can get quite difficult.
I'm glad this patch is easy and it works just as good. I'm also glad that a lot of people have put in many hours to build a free open source Hellenic (Greek) spelling dictionary.

Take care 

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Evernote Help specifies there is no spell checking on Windows specifically from Evernote. The Windows spell checking does the work though. Apparently Evernote does require you to set the language or languages if you are not using only the system languages. Here is how you do this:

Tools -> Options -> Language -> Use Selected Languages.


Here's a more detailed explanation with pictures:




Use default language : YOUR DEFAULT LANGUAGE

is usually selected. You want to select Language and then:


Then pick the languages you want:


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