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missing note after update please help



Hi I hope someone can help me. I had started a new note at a recent training day and taken lots of notes. I noticed my friend had a different 'look' on her evernote and i thought i may need to do an update, which i did there and then as had wifi. Then i tried to log back in but at first none of my notes were there, then they appeared after i cam home and accessed my account on my mac and synced my devices but all notes seem present except the new one I had started. any ideas? Ive done searches, on iPad, mac and evernote online and not there? Annoying as good notes! thanks for any help!


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Sorry to hear you lost your note.


It is unlikely at this point that you can recover your lost Note, but you might try submitting an EN Support Ticket (see link below).  If you do not have a EN Premium account, EN may not respond to your ticket.  I would report this as a BUG in hopes they will respond.  Loss of data is always a serious issue.


Sounds like you did NOT sync before you updated Evernote.

You should not have lost your note, but to be safe think of "sync" like you do "save".

Ever hear the computing tip "Save, and save often" ?

Well, do the same with "sync".  And for important notes that are impossible or hard to reproduce, I would verify the sync using the EN Web client.


Before you make any significant changes on your Mac, like updating Evernote or the Mac OS, you should always sync Evernote, and make sure you have a good backup after the sync.  Time Machine, of course, on the Mac makes this very easy, and is highly recommended.

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