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Cutting and pasting images between notes - is it safe?


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I frequently use evernote to clip quotations from book sections I find available online, or from PDF files that can't be copy and pasted, using the Clip Screenshot function to copy a portion of text to the clipboard as a jpeg, then paste that into a note.


Yesterday I tried to cut and paste part of a note filled with such images into another note, in order to neaten things up. 


For some reason, all but the first 2 images turned into little file icons. I couldn't find any way of getting the images back. I pasted it all back into the original note and the icons disappeared too. I seem to have lost my work. 


Is this a known issue? I can't seem to replicate the problem now, and I see that there is an existing discussion in the forum about the danger of inadvertently moving images within a note, with that leading to a similar result, file icons instead of pictures. Fiddling around that does indeed seem to happen sometimes, not every time. 


I'm running 5.6.4..4632


Now I'm nervous. I've accumulated quite a number of reading notes in this way. Are they are risk of becoming unusable?


Is there a known way of recovering images that are lost by accidentally moving them within a note? 


This seems like a serious bug. 




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Well,  the answer to your title question appears to be - "yes,  provided you don't mess with them".  


I don't see any reason to be concerned about note content unless you are copying and pasting between notes.  How you do that may be an issue.  The picture is stored within Evernote's database and displayed by EN's note code,  so you would think that copying from one note to another should be routine;  but that may depend on how pictures are handled by your particular OS and its clipboard.  Some testing may be required to find a guaranteed safe method to move images around - maybe the old 'move it to the desktop first' trick will be the key - that would certainly give you a backup copy of the image should the action fail for any reason.


I've not had any problems using and moving images with the same version of the software,  so it may also depend on how much free memory / diskspace / processor power you have.


As to recovering lost images,  I'd check your Trash notebook to see if there's anything there.  If you have any other devices that haven't synced lately,  they or the web version of Evernote might still have an old version  of the note you could copy.  Premium users have the facility to 'step back' a note to a previous version of a note,  so it may be possible to become a premium member (even if only for a month) and get your content back;  but apart from those options,  I'm afraid if the content is gone,  it's irretrievably gone.

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David, this is absolutely an Evernote bug.  Cut or Copy, then paste is about as basic as it gets, and should be bullet proof.

No excuses.  It doesn't matter if its text, images, and/or attachments.

And doing so within the same app is even more basic.


Please submit a BUG report via the EN Support Ticket (see link below).

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Although it's not a major issue - judging by the lack of participation in this thread so far - if it's happening to you,  it's worth raising a support ticket.  You probably won't get much of a response,  but you're at least putting Evernote on notice that there's a problem somewhere...

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I'm reorganizing some notes and I cannot cut/paste nor copy/paste images.  Nothing happens.  


The copy function doesn't work - the clipboard still contains the previously copied item.


More discussion and links to other threads on this topic: 




Workaround:  i'm going to drag the image into snagit, recopy, then paste.

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