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HELP! the e-mail address Evernote has for me is dead (Operamail)

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I haven't used Evernote in a while, and the e-mail address they have for me went out of business (Opera mail) and trying to change it to my account, it won't accept the password, even though it's right.  If anyone has an answer please write me a line.      I'd sure owe you a big thanks, but all I can offer is to show you the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica...........where I live.  Thanks for anything.  

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Hi - I'd take your email address out of this post,  or disguise it a little with (dot) and (at) - posting an address in a public forum is an invitation to spam city.


If your password doesn't seem to be working you need to raise a support ticket - come back here and post the ticket number you get in acknowledgement;  maybe one of the Admins can help...

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