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Accepting invitations to shared notebooks

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I have recently introduced 16 of my students to Evernote. I asked all of them to create a notebook to share with me (I am a premium user and they are all on the free version).


All of them have sent me an invitation to join their notebooks - but only 4 of them seem to work.


I get an invitation to join a shared notebook - I click on the "Add notebook" button and then I get a screen asking me to sign into Evernote - I enter my email address and password but nothing happens - the same log-in screen appears.


What am I doing wrong? 4 of the student invitations have worked fine, but the other 12 don't work.


Any ideas much appreciated,


French Teacher & Passionate Evernote-user

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Granny: Eggs statement - I'd suggest you try to fix this with one or two students at first,  then roll out anything that works,  otherwise they'll lose interest...


Sharing (at present) seems a bit hit and miss at best.  It obviously depends on the student syncing their notebook to the server,  and you being able to log in and receive it.  Individual students may have made a mistake in sharing the notebook/ have problems syncing with the server;  you may be working through a school firewall that doesn't allow some kinds of connections / affects your ability to sync.

  • First I'd suggest you share a 'test' notebook back to all your students and check they receive it.
  • Then ask one or two of the failed notebook sharers to go back and set up another notebook to share with you,  then sync that and report back.
  • Log out of your Evernote account and then back in.
  • If things still don't work on your local device,  go to a desktop and try the server version of your account by logging in at Evernote.com
  • check whether there is any connecting factor between the shares that work and  the ones that don't - are they all on phones / windows / iOS?

You should be able to get this to work (I know someone who shares happily with 30 students) but it may take some fiddling first...

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