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Camscanner vs EN built-in document camera


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I use the EN Android app's document camera when I need to scan in a piece of paper and have the content OCR'ed. I recently heard about Camscanner. Does it offer any advantages over the built-in document camera?

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I've used both - can't say I've seen any advantage in either;  I'd recommend you try it out to see - CS will convert your document to PDF and store that,  and if you have security concerns you could encrypt a PDF before sending it to Evernote.  I've never compared the quality of the pics/ scans.  With EN you scan and it's a note:  much simpler,  and what I'm using at present.

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Big differences, especially since the last evernote update, on android at least.

Camscanner produces better images. Cleaner and sharper. In the last update evernote has turned the image compression up to a ridiculous extent. An 8M image of a handwritten a4 page is compressed to a 50k jpeg, which has horrible compression artefacts. Really stupid decision - can't understand why there aren't more complaints.

But camscanner produces pdfs so you actually have to open them to read your note. Also for handwritten notes, evernote ocr works much better. These two are show stoppers for me, so I have to put up with evernote.

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I am quite the newbie. This is my first post, but after trying the in-note camera in Evernote and then downloading CamScanner as an app, I have mixed feelings about each.




  • Easier to work with
  • Batch works with phone's camera (and more cameras, I'm assuming, than Evernote)
  • Seems easier to bracket photos consistently


  • Washed out half the photos, rendering photos illegible
  • PDF (like Martinz said) is an extra, unneeded step I don't need
  • Free, isn't. Ads and "Scanned by CamScanner" annoying additions

In App Evernote


  • Able to type under each photo
  • Camera worked better with consistent exposures
  • Keeping it In-App is very convenient


  • Wont batch photos with my camera
  • Photos a bit blurry, illegible in some
  • Having a feature that doesn't work all the way makes the bulky app more of a bother.
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In my opinion, CamScanner wins hands down.

The images are sharper and brighter.


I just took two shots of a grocery receipt -

The CamScan version was awesome and easy to read.

The Evernote version was washed out and difficult to read.


And the CamScan 6 cropping points do a super job of straightening the image and crops it perfectly.

The CamScan floating bubble in the left corner also make sure the camera is level.


Getting the CamScam PDF into Evernote is a snap - I just email it my Evernote account.

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I agree. CamScanner wins... its OCR capabilities are second-to-none.


CamScanner OCR is done locally on the smart phone and stays with the document file/.pdf, correct?

Verses Evernote OCR being done online for Premium members only and the OCR does not stay with the document so the OCR only continues to work well viewing it in Evernote as a premium member, correct?

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I have both and agree with the comments made on relative quality.

That said, I have been using the EN camera quite a bit lately, mostly because I use EN to capture my notes from the work-day and the EN camera is easier to use with EN.

For Document retention purposes, I use both depending on the document.  Simple things like receipts, utility bills, etc where I don't have large privacy concerns I tend to use EN since it is more convenient.  For medical bills, tax documents, etc, I use CS because I put the documents into a TrueCrypt file anyway before uploading.


I plan to get a scanner that will scan directly to Evernote and will start using that for the day to day stuff.  I'll still encrypt my tax docs though.

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