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Tags disappearing when syncing from android phone

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Ive created a bunch of tags on my pc. Then I pressed the sync button. No issues.

Later today I was using my android phone and when I attempted to sync, only a partial amount of tags showed up.

Ivent had the opportunity to check my pc again. Im hoping the tags will still be there, but something tells me theyll be gone. If this happens ill have to go through the trouble of tagging all my notws again.

At the moment I dont have an immense amount of notes. But how can I prevent this from happening? How can I be sure it wont happen again in the future, after ive migrated everything to evernote?


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That suggests that the problem is with the sync between your PC and the Evernote servers (which is what the web client accesses). Does Evernote on your PC indicate that the sync is failing? Check your activity log (Help / Activity Log).

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