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Sharing notes with images, moving to local notebook



When I put a note into a shared notebook, and that note is picked up by the second user, and they move the note to a local notebook, any images within the note are lost. Possibly I'm missing something. Here's the workflow:


- I create a note for information about a project. When the project is complete, I move that note to a shared notebook.


- EN User 2, with whom I'm sharing the notebook, with syncs and therefore gets the notes - so far, so good: the notes are intact, including the images.

- ENU2 then moves the notes to a local notebook in his EN. I no longer need these notes (or want them in my EN).


Here's the problem: some of the images in the notes disappear when ENU2 moves the note to a local notebook.


Extra info:

If ENU2 moves the note back to the shared notebook, the lost images do not reappear. The note reappears in my notebook, but the lost images do not.


Any idea how we can prevent the loss of these images?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi - how are the notes copied across?  Drag and drop?  Copy > to another notebook?  Could you embed the pictures into a document or PDF and share that?  Have you tried different methods?  When the note is copied and pictures lost is it possible to select the original picture and copy that individually?

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Not ignoring this, just still experimenting. It seems to depend on a) what kind of image it is; B) how I move the note; c) how ENU2 moves the note. Still working on figuring out exactly which combinations work and which don't.

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Notes in a local notebook are by by definition not synced, and attachments are part of a note, so this behavior doesn't surprise me. If you want to share notes with others (which requires that the Evernote server knows about them), then don't hide the note content from the server.

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