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Android Application Updates are Disappointing

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Just curious it any other users are disappointed with the Android app.

I've been waiting as a "premier" user for:

-Dark back ground

-better "Copy" link availability.

-more user customizations

How about you all?

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If you search the forums there are about a zillion suggestions for improvement...

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Exactly my point...A ton of great suggestions and very few implementations done. 

It's a general question to spur conversation about what people expect to change. But don't. That's all.

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...but Evernote don't

  • (usually) comment on individual posts
  • share their future plans
  • pre-announce features

and aren't -apparently- much swayed by repeated +1-ing or heated demands for action - see HD screen resolutions,  editor features,  reminders,  due dates... and the zillion other suggestions made.


You're more than welcome to air any views here - just sayin' 

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The more disappointing for me is wildcards have disappeared of search features.

IMO, Evernote 's baseline (remember everything) rely on 2 pillars : capacity to build our own information system, capacity to search within it.

Advanced search with wildcards and shortcuts is a core feature for that.

I removed Evernote widgets, now useless as my EN-GTD system is no longer available. And I have to build a new PIM for main topics of interest if I want to use EN on my tablet as it just became a Web clipper now.


Well, maybe, I don't know socks market...

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