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Business Cards Android & Windows

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I am trying to make better use of Evernote at work and would like to try using it for business cards. I would be using it between my android phone and windows PC. I know the android app has not come out with the business card reader yet but can anyone give any tips on storing/searching business cards with the current android and windows apps?



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Hi - with the Android app you can use the document camera, which will crop out contrasting background from a picture,  and capture both sides of a card if necessary. EN's OCR will get the details on the card,  though it's better to add some keywords;  I use 'contact - <name> - <company>' as a title so I can find all contacts / specific names / all contacts at one company.  If I ever need to use a name and address for any reason I'll add that to the note manually.  


The display tends to the MASSIVE for a small card, so don't show off your contact system to customers unless you've viewed it yourself first.


The notes are in my default notebook,  like 97%+ of all my notes,  but you could have a 'contacts' notebook if you want...

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