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Changing the default note sorting criterion

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I'm running Evernote under Windows 7 on one machine and 8.1 on another.  In both environments, the default criterion for sorting notes within a notebook is when they were updated.  In general, this is not what I want -- I prefer to sort alphabetically by title.  So each time Evernote loads I have to go into the notebook list dialog box and select "sort notes by title".  But I'm not done!  Because now another default kicks in, to list in reverse order.  So I have to go into the dialog box a second time in order to uncheck the "reverse sort order" option.


I haven't found any settings option that changes this default so that each time I load Evernote the notes are sorted the way I want, alphabetically by title from A to Z.  Can it be that this is impossible?


(I haven't found this topic on the discussion board either; my apologies if it has been answered already.)

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Hello, thank you for this topic.

I am having exactly the same problem as Peter Dorman (but with Windows 10, Evernote I have tried several times the DutchPete maneuver, but it is never succeful. When I open again Evernote, the notes are again sorted by date in reverse order.

Here is what I do: I open Evernote, then I go to  "sort the notes by" -> "title" (I have the French version, probably the English labels are not exactly what I quote). Then, File -> Quit. I have a warning windows about capture no longer available after I leave Evernote, I click OK.

But the sort order is not saved.

What am I doing wrong ?

Many thanks for any help.

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