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Feature request: Support for Wacom Bamboo Fineline Stylus



Is there future support planned for the new Wacom stylus (or perhaps other advanced stylii)? I've tried out the Jot Script in the past and the clicking sound and overall experience was not to my liking.


With the recent release of the new Wacom stylus, I have found that the experience on Bamboo Paper is phenomenal and am looking forward to being able to have that same experience within Penultimate + Evernote integration. 


Is this something that can be added to the roadmap, and if so, is there an approximate timeline for it? In the meantime, it's a hard choice to choose between a great experience and the convenient integration. 

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I agree and would like to see real bluetooth support for the Fineline stylus.  My Jot Script is finally working with the newest release, but I have grown to like the Fineline better than the Jot Script.

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