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An Van Laer

ScanSnap S1100 and integration into Evernote

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I have a ScanSnap S1100 and i use it all the time to scan papers into evernote. But when i use the default profile scan to Evernote my scanned pdf it creates a new note in the notebook that is open and not in my default notebook.  This is very annoying and often i 'loose' scans and i have to look for them.


So i don't use this profile anymore.  Now i use the profile to scan to a specific folder and let Evernote import this folder.  This works ok and my pdfs are getting in my default notebook.  But whenever i scan it automatically opens a program that i just close, and it also creates a little ini-file that also gets imported.


Can someone help me so that scans with the profile scan to evernote are creating notes in my default notebook.  Or if that isnt possible, can someone help me in my workaround, so that that scan-program don't open and the little ini-file doesnt get created or imported?


My set-up: Windows 8.1, Evernote and ScanSnap S1100

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The only EN folder options I can find seem to be in the Tools > Options > Clipping tab which may or may not affect your experience.  I also scan to folder (S1500) and don't have any anomalous files popping up,  although the supporting ScanSnap Manager software does insist on putting my files into the wrong HD folder.  I put sticky plaster over that with a file manager that just moves every PDF file from the wrong folder to the right one.  The same thing might work for you if all else fails - have a look at Belvedere for more options...


On the other hand you may prefer to try the settings above,  or remove and reinstall your scan software to see if that will correct the issue..

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I already tested out that option and that doesnt help me. 

I don't think that it is a faulty installation, because the windows 7 laptop i sometimes use, behaves the same as on this laptop.

I don't think Belvedere is the answer for me, because if i use scan to folder the pdf gets placed in the correct folder.


Does anyone else has an idea?

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