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Application: Encryption on Android

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I just Googled "mobile phone note encryption app" (without the quotes) and got 9M hits so I'm guessing there should be something out there for you*.  My point earlier though was:  given that your phone is pretty secure,  and can be made more so,  why would you need to add a further layer of encryption that will effectively only slow down your access to the note contents?  Not saying that's unreasonable,  just that I can't think of why I'd need it.


* Remember though that if you encrypt something on your mobile with an Android app you may want to unencrypt it on a different platform,  so your encryption solution has to be transferrable too..

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I found a solution for those who want to encrypt your notes, those notes as most critical database password, credit card. Not ideal but while evernote not provide encryption on android will use LastPass, another option is 1Password. With them you can access your notes from any device.

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It would be really helpful considering new users that you could let people encrypt notes on portable devices as it builds trust, believe me. I guarantee the moment you do this I will go Pro, but as I am not able to do this I lose a lot of practicability as I have not enough courage to stash my important information to any online servers without encryption..

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