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REQUEST: Suggestion for iPad App: show/hide left pane



Hello - on the iPad app (held in landscape), when viewing a list of notes in the left-side pane, the currently displayed note shows in right-side pane.

It would be extremely helpful to be able to collapse, or hide, the left-side pane in order to allocate more width to the currently displayed note.

Ideally this would simply slide the left-pane all the way toward the left edge and leave the header bar at the top (rather than go into a full-screen view). This way the command icons would remain displayed and accessible along the header bar, with a new "show/hide" icon to show/hide the left pane. The currently displayed note would then occupy nearly the entire screen width.

A great example of this capability is in the iPad Textastic app, although many others have it too.


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Hello Again -


I think I figured out why the "collapse left pane" icon wasn't so obvious to me:  the icon is placed next to the note's title, rather than on the header bar.  This means that if you are scrolling down vertically to read a longer note, the note's title (and therefore the collapse icon) goes out of view - you must scroll back to the top of the note in order to hit the collapse icon.


I think it would be better to place the collapse icon on the header bar itself, rather than beside the note's title:


1.  On the header bar, the collapse action would always be at your fingertips, even if you are vertically scrolling down to read a long note


2.  Conceptually, the collapse action can be considered an action, or mode, on the overall application window, not just on the particular note itself, so it may be more intuitive to place the collapse icon/mode on the header bar (e.g. next to Close).


3.  Lastly, when the "left pane collapse mode" is on, it would be even better to have two additional icons/actions on the header bar: 


- Previous Note

- Next Note


This way, you could easily page through notes while the left pane is collapsed.



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