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Not Syncing

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Hi. I just answered this for someone who uses Windows and Android, but switch out the clients for yours and it should work.

Hi Kevin,

Welcome to the forum! Just as a future FYI, when encountering an issue you need fast help on, you may want to just start your own thread rather than piggy backing on an existing one. That would help other users spot it quicker.

Anyway, onto your question...

First you need to understand that your computer and phone are *not* syncing to each other. Evernote (EN) is a cloud base service so when you sync your data from either device, it goes to the EN Servers.

Local (offline) Notebooks are not synced to the cloud. To find out if any of your notebooks are Local without your intending them to be, go into your EN account using your Windows App. Right-click on each notebook and select Properties. If you don't want whatever notebook you're looking at to be a Local one, de-select that option. (Has a little tick box beside it.)

Now, in terms of accessing your database from your phone:

After ensuring while in Windows that all the notebooks you want on cloud are *not* ticked in Properties as being "Local," - so you can also access them with your phone - do a manual sync to the servers. This is called Syncing UP.

Once they have successfully synced, open EN on you phone and again manually sync. That will Sync DOWN from the servers to your phone.

NOTE: Mobile clients (clients = device specific apps, Android in your case) do *not* sync down entire notebooks. They only sync down Headers, which can include the title and small snippets of data from your Notes. Also, while Windows will automatically store a complete copy of your EN database on your hardrive, it will not do so on your phone unless you are a Premium or Business user. In the case of the latter - which is handy if you want guaranteed access to certain notes when offline, i.e. travelling with no wi-fi available - Premium and Business users can create two Local notebooks to store on your phone. Otherwise, all copies of your data is stored in your phone's Cache. Which is temporary and self-deleting storage, so your data may or may not be there. Don't rely on it.

Back to Syncing Down from the servers to your phone...

Once you have successfully Synced Down, you can open any existing note (assuming you have internet access) and EN will then pull down the entire note from their servers. Or you can create a new note(s).

Rule of thumb:

Regardless of whether on Windows or Android, ALWAYS Sync each as soon as you open them, do whatever work you need to, and ALWAYS Sync again before exiting Evernote.

Hope this helps!

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