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Photo thumbnails gone when viewing note list.

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Recently updated evernote for android and it has changed the layout for viewing notes in a notebook. It used to have my note title with a thumbnail of the picture I had in the note. Now its just the title. Is there anyway to get it back to showing the photo thumbnail?

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I use evernote for recipes and many more things, that I mainly browse by image and not by the name in mobile. All the inspirational images that I have are now all useless because of the update that has deleted the thumbnails from the lists. 


I use to have springpad because of its nice visual layout, but now that it is gone and evernote does not support browsing for images on mobile, what is a better app for this? I need to be able to select wheter I want to browse by image or text, how basic is this? Evernote forces me to select the list style by date or place or something useless and adds these alphabetical tabs to take the space.


I want my thumbnails back, and a possibility to select a list view that has only images.

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I also use Evernote to store my recipes and so far I've loved it.  On Android/Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - Now following a recent update I am only able to see the thumbnails in snippet view if sorting on an option that includes a date.  If I sort on Title, where I used to see a lovely thumbnail I now see the useless truncated list of tags.


I was hoping this was a mistake rather than a developers, choice but the most recent update did not fix it.


Please please please can we have the previous snippet view with thumbnail when sorting on Title back.


Also - On Android/Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - the landscape view could be so much better.  The reason for using landscape is to see the full width of the note but all it does is keep the note width the same (or possibly smaller) and add a huge wide list of notebooks - very frustrating..  Any chance you could put a bit more effort in to developing that view?


Thank you

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