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importing old notes to Evernote

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Try a Google search on Evernote and Outlook 2013.  You can email the notes from Outlook into your Evernote specific email account but there is apparently an Evernote plug-in for Outlook that may provide a more eloquent way.  I've not used it but may be worth exploring.

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I have about two thousand old notes that I want to import from Outlook 2013, for from CSV or HTML format, into Evernote. I am a new Evernote user with no experience.


Can you tell me where to found the Outlook plug-in you mentioned? Will it transfer the notes in batches or do I have to do them individually?


If I email the notes into my Evernote-specific email account, will it send the notes in batches or do I have to do them individually?


Does Evernote offer a way to upload notes as a batch from a CSV or HTML file?

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In the Windows Evernote client, you can use import folders to do this for HTML files. These are folders that Evernote monitors for new files, which are then swept up into Evernote. Tools / Import Folders to designate a folder as an Evernote import folder, then copy your HTML files into that folder. Note that you can configure whether files are automatically deleted from the import folder or note, and what notebook to import into. I recommend copying your HTML files rather than moving them, so that you are assured to have a backup in case something goes wrong.


For CSV files, you're more or less on your own, but you could probably automate importing them into, say, Excel, and then saving them as HTML into an Evernote import folder. Edit: or just save as an Excel file to the import folder so it will come in as an attachment, which you can edit later on.

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Smith, years before I starting using EN, I had built up over 1,700 Notes in my Windows version of Outlook 2010's "Notes" section /  function. Now, when I want one or many of those "old" Notes, I merely have them copied into EN automatically. It works very fast and I've done a couple hundred at a crack. 


If the procedure below works for you, I think you will like it.


In your Windows Outlook 2013:

  • Select "Notes". - - - I would expect that you will see a list of your "old" Notes.
  • Click on the name (or icon) of each one that you want to have automatically copied to EN.
  • Click on the "Add to Evernote 5" button in the menu bar of Outlook 2013.

When the EN Note is created, the first line of the Note from Outlook becomes the Title in EN. (That's the way I used the Notes in Outlook, so it works fine for me.) The rest of the Note from Outlook is put in the body of the Note in EN, along with some basic meta data about the Note.


If I recall correctly, all Notes that are copied open on the EN screen and you will have to manually close them. So, start with just 5-10 Notes and see how it works for you.


I hope you find this response to be helpful.

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I do not see the "Add to Evernote 5" option. I clicked on one note, and also tried selecting multiple notes, but I could not find this menu option you described. Can you tell me step by step where to find "Add to Evernote 5"? Do I need to run an EN plug-in and if so where do I find it and how do I install it? By the way, I have Office 2013 64-bit.

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Smith - Sorry for the slow response. I lost my Internet connection for over 3 days.


I searched the Evernote Knowledge Base, but I couldn't find anything helpful. 


For the life of me, I can't remember how to get the "Add to Evernote 5" button added to MS Outook. I believe it is an "add-in" to Outlook. If you start up Outlook, click on "File", click on "Options" and click on "Add-Ins". You will see a list of such. Some will likely be "Active". Some will be "Inactive". Hopefully, you will be able to see one for Evernote. If yes, see if you can activate it.


If that doesn't work, then, hopefully, one of the more knowledgeable people monitoring this forum will know how. 

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