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If I share something from Twitter on my Android I have the Evernote Fast Share option which is great as I want to be able to view with Windows Evernote client later. Trouble is the hyperlinks are not working. I get the following in the Windows Evernote client. If I open in Evernote on my Android device it works properly.


<a href="">http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BwyUb1VIAAAA8Lr.png<a/>:large | Plane finder tracks your flight in real time, sends you notifications when it arrives: lifehac.kr/5a9aSlj pic.twitter.com/gS0RQFBFBI
I should point out that whilst the http://pbs.twimg.com hyperlink shows above as a hyperlink it does not on the Windows client. The main reference to the article anyway is lifehac.kr/5a9aSlj
I understand I can highlight the link, copy and go to Hyperlinks but that is not simple or quick and defeats the purpose.
Any suggestions at all???
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