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(Archived) Nested Notes?

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Has there ever been discussion about the ability of either nesting, or hyperlinking previously created notes within new notes? In my case I have a planning document I've created in evernote that I would like to nest or provide a hyperlink to in my separate note file of my minutes for the meeting. Ideally, would I would love to see is the ability to insert a previously created note, which would have a special bar which would allow you to expand or collapse that note in the new note, AND to edit that original note from the new note when expanded.

Ugh, language doesn't always work to make this clear, but it's basically the notion of interlinking multiple notes into a single new document.

Yes, this is probably outside the scope of where Evernote is now, but just wondering.


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We do plan to add the ability to grab a hyperlink to a note and insert it into another note, so that you can click on it to open the original note.

This has been on the agenda for a while, but has taken a bit due to the cross-platform issues. (E.g. link two notes on the Mac, open on Windows, move the notes around, sync, go back to the Mac, click on the link, etc.)


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Is there a way to go around it in the mean while? How do I refer to a second note from within the first note ?

Here is one work around. Add a unique code to the two notes with a reminder description. Then search for the code.

Just paste something like this into the two notes

Reminder for Search Code: C8R7HM

Search for C897HM and you will find both notes.

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Just installed Evernote tonight. I like it and it meets all requirements, except one...linking to other notes is critical. Synchronization is nice, but I would gladly give it up for note links. Yes, I know that most would not.

Do you have an estimate (any approximation would do) as to when this feature will be available? With a reasonable ETA, I might be able to wait. With none, I must drop Evernote now.

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