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REQUEST: Evernote Reminders via Email

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I love Evernote Reminders, but a few changes would be useful:

  • Recurring reminders
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Reminders via SMS
  • To be useful, they need to be quick to setup!
    • Evernote should drop the Reminder syntax from the subject line (what is the full Reminder options even documented for the subject line?????)
    • Evernote should follow this syntax to setup Reminders via email: https://www.followupthen.com/how#timeformats


It would be much more convenient to send a Reminder email to my Evernote account using e.g. 1week@evernote.com. Evernote would use the from email address to determine which account to send the information to.


Without the above, I find I'm still having to subscribe to the FollowUpThen service :(

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