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EN Mac Getting Started Guide Shows Features NOT in Ver 5.5.2



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EN Mac Getting Started Guide Shows Features NOT in Ver 5.5.2


This guide shows features NOT in the latest GA release of EN Mac.

These are all great features, but they are just not in the product, yet.


Evernote seems to have a hard time syncing their documentation with their product.  For years and years, the documentation has greatly lagged the product or not even been provided.

Now, it's ahead of the product.  Go figure.  ;)


1.  Resizing Images



Once you've attached an image to your note, you can resize it or insert it into a table.


To resize an image, simply click and drag from the lower right corner of the image resizing box; Images inserted into table cells, auto-resize to fit cell width


2.  Resize Tables and Cells


Resize table and cell widths: To resize the table or cell width, simply hover your cursor over right border or inside borders of a table. Once the text cursor becomes a width editing tool, click and drag to the desired width



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