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Tags are not in sync across clients

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On my Windows 7 PCs, running the Windows desktop client, I can see that I've got 11 tags defined. All 11 of these tags have been assigned to at least 1 note each.


In the Evernote Web Client, only 8 tags are visible.


On my Nexus 4, running the Android client, only 8 tags are visible (the same 8 that are visible in the web client).


On my iPhone, running the iOS client, only 8 tags are visible (the same 8 that are visible in the web client and the Android client).


This has been the case for a long time. Why is there this discrepancy?



Windows desktop: 11

Web: 8

Android: 8

iOS: 8

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This happened to me in the past, but don't know why it happened.  A few questions: Have you forced a sync?  Are all of the notes in synced notebooks?  Have they always been?


What I had to do to fix this was to get the tags on the web and then update the notes on the PC to force the notes to fully "sync".  Assuming the notes are in synced notebooks, my method was to:

  1. Create a temporary note on the web and add the 3 missing tags plus a dummy tag called Temp.
  2. Sync a couple of times on your PC and see if it fixes itself on the web.
  3. If it doesn't, add the tag Temp to any notes on the PC containing the 3 missing tags.
  4. Sync a couple of times again.
  5. At this point the tags should be on the web version.
  6. Delete the temp tag.

I think my tags didn't make it to the web because they were first created and added to a local note.  But even when the local note was moved to a sync notebook, the tag didn't make the journey to the web and I had to do the above to fix it.  But that was a while ago, so your issue may be different.  FWIW.

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Thanks csihilling, I'll try out what you've suggested when I have a chance and report back if it makes a difference.


To answer your questions, I've forced a sync many times -- this issue with the tags goes back many months. All of my notes are in synced notebooks, and I believe they have always been.


This issue clearly shows that there is a fundamental problem with the sync mechanism that Evernote uses, if tags aren't getting processed correctly.

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Couldn't agree more - no room for sync issues in a multi-platform app.  I worked with support when I had the issue, to no avail.  Haven't had the issue since, though.  Hope this works for you.

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I deleted the 3 problematic tags on my desktop PC, did a sync, re-created those 3 tags and applied them to the same notes they were previously, and then did another sync. Now I see them on my other devices and in the web client.


I wish that Evernote could get the basics right. Despite years of development, it seems there are areas of the application and service with really fundamental bugs that just never get improved or fixed. Don't get me started on phantom newline characters and line spacing issues when syncing across multiple platforms...

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