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How to "hide" or "remove" old notes but not lose them


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I have about 2,000 notes in Evernote, and many of them are for old consulting clients. I don't want to lose the notes entirely, but I also don't need them cluttering up my screen. Is there a way to make notes Hidden? Or a way that I can Archive some notes to a new file (like one does with Outlook) thereby preserving them for future reference but getting them out of my main file? Surely others have dealt with this before. What is the best practice for handling this? Or should I create another account and move the old notes over there? 

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If I were you I would pick either the archive tag or archive notebook/stack solution and get started.  Doubtful an integrated archive solution is around the corner, but who knows.  And if it does you would be positioned to move to it.

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