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Printing and access from task bar

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Hi Patkee,

I'm not sure if you are new to forum or not (forgot to click your name), but just in case you are... Welcome to the Forum!

Please note for this question (and all future queries, feature requests and feedback posts) that it's best if you identify exact what Client you are referring to.

I.E. Mac, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Touch, Android, IOS, Web, Windows Phone, etc.

In this case, please clarify which of the four above listed desktops you're working from.


Cannot print from my note page.

The icon on my desktop and on my task bar does not allow the evernote page to appear when clicked.

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If you mean you tried to send a private message to me, it's probably because there are a few anti-spammer restrictions and PMs might be one of them. All the restrictions will lift once you've become active in the Forum. Now, getting back to your printing problem...

I don't actually know what could be the problem in this case. I do know printing is not a stellar feature on any of the Evernote (EN) clients. But if you wait a bit, other member will pop-in as they are able and try to assist you.

Please do NOT reply to this post comment from me. I think you're only allowed 3 more posts today so you may need them to answer further questions from other members. Best of luck!

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Hi - sorry its taken a few days for more action here,  but at least you'll have more posts available..  If you still have the same problem,  are you using the Touch app or the Windows Desktop?  You'll need to have Evernote open and select a note to print it out.  In the Touch version I think right-clicking is involved...

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