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Synchronisation and Premium Account

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Hail to all members as I am new.

After joining EN via my mobile phone today I have been able to update to a free Premium account. I took the advice and created notes and tags.

I immediately installed on my PC EN and my surprise the account is not Premium and no synchronisation at all.

Please help me

French user

Luca Ruspantini

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On your PC check to make sure you are logging into the same account that you created on your mobile device and didn't accidentally create a new account.  Also check the web to make sure that the notes created on your mobile device has sync'd there correctly.

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Hi Luca,

Welcome to the forum!

To clarify, did you intend to say that you had upgraded FROM a free account TO a Premium (paid) account?

Just in case you're not clear on how Syncing works, please note the following:

➡ EN is a Cloud Service and all of or successfully Synced data is stored on the EN Servers. It does NOT Sync from device to device. So the Best Practices to ensure EN always has your most current database is to:

▶ When creating a new note, or editing an existing one - from ANY Client (device/machine) you used it on - Sync DOWN the EN Servers as soon as you open it. Only *after* doing so any work needed.

▶ When you've finished, Sync UP to the EN Servers so that they now have the most current version of your database.

Again, do the above for each Client you use, *every single time. If you havent synced BOTH your phone and PC, that would be why your notes are not appearing on your PC.

If, as s2Sailors, suggests, you have and checked the Web version to verify that your notes are there and have clarified that you did not accidentally create two accounts, then you should still be able to Sync your notes DOWN to your PC regardless of whether or not the PC app is showing as a free or premium account.

If it turns out that one or both devices are not showing a Premium account, then you need to contact Support so they can fix it for you. You will need to provide proof of purchase.


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Hi s2sailor,


Thank you so much for your help.


After restarting computer and phone and entering exactly same ID and password. Web synchronises with PC but both don't connect to phone. Any idea on how to fix this ?


What is this 5 messages limit on the forum. I have to answer Wordsgood in this same message otherwise I won't be able to answer your responses ...



Hi Wordsgood,


Thank you so much for your help too.


To clarify EN was pre installed on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3). When activating I was asked if I would like a premium account free for one year. I said yes.


With the syncing problem the premium account is not acknowledged on Web or on PC.


I didn't notice the Down or Up syncing and yes I have synced both phone and PC several times.


From what I understood the beauty of this application is the fact you can take notes anywhere and have them available everywhere ! Is this correct ? Whatever you sync to the server is restored on each device.


Please find the answer to s2sailor in his part of this post.


Hope you can help me


Cheers from Paris. The right time for Happy Hour ...



PS Why this restriction ? quote : "you can make 4 more posts until 06 September 2014 - 01:40 ... etc ... " This is a real handicap to the forum

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PS Why this restriction ? quote : "you can make 4 more posts until 06 September 2014 - 01:40 ... etc ... " This is a real handicap to the forum

This is to reduce spam. New users can only post five message on their first day. Otherwise, there would be 50 message by each spammer. After the first day, the restriction is lifted.

What is this 5 messages limit on the forum. I have to answer Wordsgood in this same message otherwise I won't be able to answer your responses ...

There is nothing wrong with combining replies to multiple people in the same post, as long as they are both in the same thread.

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It sounds like the PC to web sync is working ok.  Have "any" notes from your mobile device ever sync'd to the web?  If not and you are sure that you are using the correct login credentials then the next step would be to delete the app from your mobile device and reinstall, BUT if you have unsync'd notes on your mobile device you will lose them.  If you don't have too many notes you can email them to yourself first as a backup before trying a reinstall.  If you are concerned about proceeding and losing notes then open a support ticket and ask for help to fix the free to premium problem that you are having and that will be your foot into the support door to then ask about the syncing problem.

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Nice nickname :) OK I understand the problem. I was just frightened I would get stuck without possibility of not being able to answer and not being able to tell you that it wasn't my fault for being ubnoxious and impolite. You have many spammers around here ?

I can't see your post while answering nor how to join a screen capture of my account details. OK found out how to do that. Hope I didn't forget anything because the restriction is still on.
No notes on the phone were synced to the webapp.
Same credentials to log in and I haven't used the email notes yet. I am still exploring the app.
Please tell me how to open a support ticket so I can delete Evernote on my phone ... After posting I will check if the account numbers are the same on both phone and PC or Web app ...

I don't mind losing the notes because they are of no utility. I made them up to explore how to use EN. I am a completely new user.
Thank you both for all your help and time


Edit : adding files didn't work on phone so here attached the two accounts with same credentials for information

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I don't mind losing the notes because they are of no utility. I made them up to explore how to use EN. I am a completely new user.

Thank you both for all your help and time

Ok, then I would suggest reinstalling the app on your phone.


To open a support ticket go to "contact us for support" on this page.

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Hi s2sailor,





Way off topic, just couldn't help myself.  I'm assuming Luca has a sense of humor...  and s2sailor.   :)


I like to think I do but I'm going to need a little help with this one.  Maybe I don't have enough coffee in me yet to see it..

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Or maybe I had too much wine in me when I quoted it last night.


Hi s2Sailor?  


It just struck me as funny....  Apologies if I offend.

:) Ahh, ok, I'm with you now.  No offense and no apology needed.  I was just a little slow on the uptake.

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csihiling : Really ? way of topic, just couldn't help myself. I'm assuming Luca has a sense of humor... and s2sailor :)

Hi csihiling, I'm told I do have a sense of humor and I surely love to have a laugh :lol:. I'm not quite sure this is true anymore :angry: I don't get the joke if there is any ? Or maybe the wine :wacko: made you see something I didn't catch ...

___- ___

Hi s2sailor, I guess csihiling is going to have another laugh ;) ... you seem to get what he was joking about ? Could you share the joke :huh:

I followed your link to make a request (support ticket) but I didn't find where and who to post too. Maybe the French version of the Forum is not made properly ? Even the "contact" link at the bottom of the page sends you to a page with either a Forum link or guide link ...

Could you please give me a direct link to a request page.

Or maybe an administrator (BurgerNfries) could get in touch with me ?

Have a nice week :wave:

Edit : Did anyone notice the pictures of the two accounts (published earlier) don't have the same account number event though the credentials to log in are the same ?

Edit 2 : I found the link but it is broken and I can't upload a picture of the screen error

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Hi Luca,

The link we pass to people takes them to the main Evernote Support page and the link to contact is there. But it's at the bottom, in teeny font on the far right side of the screen. In other words, it's very easy to miss! Wine or no wine!

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Hi Wordsgood,


and thanks for the direct link and your help. I had found the tiny link and here attached is the error I got through there (sorry my EverNote is in French)


Through your link I was able to send the request n° 715903. I have received the confirmation mail. Even though I sent the request with my phone and premium account, the reply suggests I am a free user ??? Some sort of bug I guess that is the origin of my problem.


I'll wait for this evening for the wine though :P and raise a glass to your help.






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Hello Sailor is a "camp catchphrase" as per the Wikipedia clip below.  Your greeting of Hi s2sailor mirrored it very well and just hit me as funny.  Thanks for that.  And again, apologies if I have offended, not my intent.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Hello, sailor" is a sexual proposition made to a sailor, presumably by a prostitute or promiscuous woman supposing the sailor to be male and sexually frustrated after a long time at sea. This usage has become a camp catchphrase, implying that sailors stay away at sea so long that they cannot tell the difference between a hooker and a man in drag, or a play on the common conception that many sailors are homosexualHello, Sailor in this usage is also the title of several books, including one by Eric Idle and another about ***** life in the British merchant navy, as well as a 2007 Liverpool museum exhibit about ***** sailors.


EDIT:  Noticed the ***** after I posted.  The word to substitute for ***** is g a y.  G a y must be a censored word. which in and of itself is funny, IMO.

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Hi csihiling,

Thanks for the great explanation. Sorry I had never heard of it even if I knew about sailors situation. I remember a film called "Querelle" by Fassbinder and the love for sailors of a French fashion designer Jean Paul Gautier cf Madonna and many excentric stars ...

The way you put it now I was the person offending s2sailor. I do hope I didn't offend him and that he acknowledges my ignorance. ..



I did post the ticket number in case I couldn't find it. I shall post it again : Ticket# 715903

Thanks again for your help and solicitude


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Hail to all :


No proposition s2sailor. Sorry my friend.


Moderators finally helped me yesterday. Thank you Anna H.


She pointed out on images of my accounts posted here above : I have two accounts !


Premium Account :



Ordinary Account


professional mail


I was confused while creating the Samsung phone account. I had given the same mail as the computer. I guess the premium offer went through the hi link there is between android and Google.


Thanks very much to you all. The discussion can be closed or resolved. Now I will concentrate on discovering Evernote


Have fun everyone

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