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(Archived) WebClipper ignores Notebooks?


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The latest version of the Webclipper plugin for Firefox now sends clips to the online collection rather than the running Windows version on my machine. What is truly irritating about this change is that no matter which collection I designate as the target in the dialog which appears, the clip is saved in the default collection.

Since this isn't what should happen I'm surprised I haven't been able to find any existing discussion about the problem - is no one else seeing this problem or am I missing something very obvious? I can see no simple way to work around this as there are no options settings for the plug-in and I cannot call up the dialog without trying to clip something first, which is a waste of time. Why can't the clipper just send it to the collection I have active in the version running on my machine, or to the collection I designate when the plug-in asks?

Thanks for any help!

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If you're running the Windows client version 3.1, then the clipping should go directly to the Windows application. Try uninstalling our Firefox plug-in, restart Firefox, and reinstall from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8381

If you're running the new 3.5 beta, the Firefox plugin doesn't yet talk directly to the 3.5 beta client, but we'll be updating the FF plugin soon to add this capability.


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