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Evernote continuously asks for the password

Luca Amerio

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I have been using Evenote for more than 2 years at work on my pc (windows xp) and on my android smartphone and I'm very happy of the way it makes me share the information between the two devices.

Recently I have been experiencing a little but annoying problem. When I'm working with my pc, Evernote is always running on background, I often see a popup asking for the password for the synchronization. I happens several times per day even if I have flagged the "remember my password" tick box.

I always keep Evernote updated and yesterday I have also reinstalled the software but with no result.

Is there anybdy having the same problem? Do you have a solution for it?

Thanks for a kind help

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Don't know what mechanism Evernote use to maintain the link between your local desktop application and their server,  but if you're using a work machine I'm guessing the local firewall / virus protections are defeating it,  hence the login requests.  (XP - really?)  I'd suggest you try using the desktop app when at home and see whether you get the same problem,  and maybe consider installing LastPass or some other password management software that will automatically fill in the password boxes for you.  If you're sure it won't cause any issues at work you could also have a chat with your local IT person...

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Okay, I could be completely off base and I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm just trying to help... Windows is no longer supporting XP and without those auto-updates/patches Windows does for supported versions, I wonder if it could be causing problems for folks?

Also if your security software has changed, try checking your firewalls. Again, stabbing in the dark here.

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Using Windows 7, and I've started getting this problem. Every day it seems it won't sync without re-entering the password, and since I have 2 factor, I have to drag out the authenticator app every time. 

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