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Evernote 6 Reminder Search



Since upgrading to Evernote 6 on two of my Android devices (GS4 and Nexus 10) some of my saved searches, which have to do with reminders, no longer work as expected.

For example, before the upgrade, this search "reminderOrder:*" (without the quotes), would return only notes which had a reminder. Now, with version 6 on my Androids, it returns all notes whether they have a reminder or not.

On the website on my PC it still functions as expected.

Has the search syntax changed or could this be a bug?

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Per the Evernote Search Grammar (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php):


reminderOrder:[integer] - matches notes that have been marked as a reminder. The actual integer attribute value is used to order reminders relative to one another and is generally not useful in search. E.g.:

  • reminderOrder:*

    • Matches all notes that have been marked as a reminder



Sounds like the Android client has a problem with reminderOrder.

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