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EN Android version 6, very clean


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Sorry for my English.


Especially on my tablet, all the available space is very well used.


Pros (IMHO):

  • Ok, very very clean UI
  • (maybe this feature was already present in previous version, but never seen it) in tags view, long click on a tag and EN shows only "related" tags (I mean, only tags wihich are together in some notes)
  • Search: a list of search results appears on the side of the screen, so I haven't to re-perform the search if I need to read more than a note on my tablet (at last, thanks a lot)
  • A new "Near" entry in advanced search: 16 km!! Very very good (albeit the list has 1 mile, 5 km, 16 km, 25 km)
  • Advanced search: improved date search with more options (I believe)
  • Atlas disappeared: for me it was usless after EN removed the Atlas by notebook or Atlas by search result
  • Very nice "info" button inside a note, to add tags, change Notebook, change location


  • Hand Writing proposes circle/square/straight line when drwaing

Cons (IMHO):

  • Inside a note: Info button too near to the Reminder button (both on tablet and phone)
  • No more able to choose Snippet or List view (sorted by Updated/Creation always in Snippet view; by Title/Notebook/Place in list view); maybe it's an enhancement, I've to try it out —> it's a step back; too space wasted, especially when there are no attachments to display
  • EN Camera slower to start (but faster Camera —> Page Camera switching)
  • Page camera shortcut available only with widget (I don't use EN Camera: it names all the pictures with the same name - so I cannot export pictures together - and without EXIF data) - same for Speech recognition and Skitch;  I never use Audio, Attachment, Photo but they all are displayed; couldn't it be possibile to choose which icons to display?


However, thanks a lot, seems a very good step forward

Cheers.  G

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