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Syncing across multiple devices

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I have evernote installed on my pc, my mac, my chromebook and my nexus.  None of these stay current - especially the pc where I input most notes.  Is there a step I am missing?

It's very simple. The EN servers (IE web client) are the "source of all truths." Any changes made on one device need to be sync'd up to the EN servers before those changes are accessible from the web client or any other device/computer. If you make any changes with the web client, you are changing the EN servers directly, so no sync (up) is involved. Any changes made to the EN servers need to be sync'd down to any other computer/device before they are accessible from that device/computer.

If you create/modify a note on a desktop/laptop & then shut down w/o it getting sync'd to the EN servers, that note will not show up on the web client or be sync'd down to any other devices/computers UNTIL, you then start up the desktop/laptop & have EN running long enough to do an auto sync or you force a sync. The best way around this is to manually sync the laptop/desktop if you're going to be using another computer/device before the next auto sync or are shutting that computer down/hibernating/etc.

I don't know about all mobile clients, but AFAIK, the iPhone client only syncs when you first start the program or make a change/add a note. (It tells you it's sync'ing.) So if you make a change on a desktop but it's not sync'd to the EN servers yet, then start the iPhone client, the desktop changes will not sync down to the iPhone. If you remain in the iPhone client while the desktop sync's the changes up, you would need to manually sync the iPhone client to get the changes down to the iPhone.

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