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Greetings Everyone!


First the short and skinny of why I'm here: I cannot find all of my notes while using Evernote on my iPhone.


Now some background: I own an iPhone 4 that I have had since 12/28/13.  Several months ago I began using Evernote (I'd never heard of it before). A loved one, WAY more technically saavy than I am, helped me convert my old Palm Pilot memos (yes, I still had a Palm Pilot up until 12/28/13 when I got my first smart phone).  I had over 1k Palm memos and when I began using Evernote everything seemed fine.  But I started noticing a couple of weeks ago that I cannot always find all of my notes on my iPhone. But I know they SHOULD be there, because I can find all of them while viewing my notes on my desktop Mac (OS 10.9.4).


And I know (generally) about making sure my iPhone is synced with my Mac in terms of the Evernote program.  To be SURE I knew how it worked, I opened the same note on both my iPhone and on my Mac, made edits to the Mac version, synched it, and watched the changes appear on the iPhone version.


Okay, so you know what I'm talking about.


Finally, I have read some chatter about having notes tagged and "favorited" and as of this writing more or less have no idea what that's about, not to mention how to determine if any of my notes in Evernote qualify as one or the other.


Thanks for your help.

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"Favoriting" notes on iOS is old-school, and I think might be dead. 


The way that you guarantee that notes are kept on a mobile device and available for when you are offline is to use "offline" notebooks. This is a premium-only feature. What you do is to designate a notebook as offline in Evernote on your mobile device, and all notes in the notebook will be synced to the device when you're online, and stay synced.


Notes that do not reside in an offline notebook may be cached on your device as you view them when you're online, but there's no guarantee that they will stay cached, so may not be available when you're offline.


Tagging notes has no effect on any of this.

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