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Can you make lists?

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Hi Amanda and welcome to the community.


There is no automatic way of arranging or rearranging note content. Evernote does not have this ability. This means that you'll have to manually order any information you enter into Evernote. 


Some people have discussed this use case elsewhere on these forums. One of the most common solutions is to type the list into a word processor that can sort the list, then paste it into Evernote. Not elegant, to say the least. 

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Definitely I can see the utility of this feature.


Unfortunately I think, despite the simplicity of the feature itself, it would require a vast rewriting or redesign of the note editor...


For me, I use a dedicated list making application for straight-up lists (I use Wunderlist, personally). Despite the marketing, EN is not the most effective list-maker, at the very least for the shortcoming you have identified here. 


Good luck!

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