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I am paying for the premium version of Evernote because I thought that it improved the sharing capability.


However, I have a friend who has shared a notebook with me and yet I can't update or add notes.  I see something indicating that the notebook is "read only".  How does my friend change this so that I can add and modify notes?



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When you invite someone to work with you in a notebook, you can decide how much access to give them:

  • Can edit and invite: Invitees can make changes to notes, add notes share individual notes via email and public URLs, and invite additional users to view and edit the Shared Notebook

  • Can edit: Invitees can make changes to notes, add notes and share individual notes via email

  • Can view: Invitees can only view notes in the Shared Notebook

Please contact the owner of the notebook and have them select the Share button of the notebook in the Notebook List and update your permission to "Can edit" or "Can edit and invite."



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