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Tables in windows client

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Hey all, 


I just noticed a problem.  I am using Evernote 5.6.4.... in windows 8.  I tried to create a table in a note.  The table was there, but was invisible.  As in no outline of the the columns and rows.


I have created and used tables many times, but have never seen this.  I went on the web client and created a table without a problem.  After syncing, I went back to the windows client and found a table where I created it,but it also had no borders around columns and rows.


I signed out of the windows client and signed back in, but that did not help.


Any advice would be appreciated.




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Tables are somewhat under-implemented in Evernote for Windows. One thing that you can do is create an empty table, formatted the way that you like it, in some other program (e.g. MS Word), and copy it into an Evernote note. Whenever you need a new table, copy that table, and add/remove rows/columns as needed for the task at hand.

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getting back to tables...


The border of the tables used to be black and kinda thick, but now Is very light.  Anyway to choose the thickness of the border.


My current workaround is to copy a table I did before and paste it in the new note. But I think formatting the table should be easier. 

Thank you. 

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@steelbender It's been quite a while since your post, but I hope that a subsequent release has fixed the table issue you observed on v5.6.4. Here's a link to the latest Windows release with table improvements.


@l3utterfish There is not a way to adjust the border thickness at this time, but I'd be happy to pass this suggestion on as a feature request for you. As jefito mentioned you may also be able to copy/paste the table from another application if you prefer a different format than what Evernote offers.

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You can adjust the border thickness using this site - http://enml-editor.ping13.net/. It's not too spooky, I have no XML/HTML/whateverML experience but have been able to create some template notes adjusting the spacing and line width, modifying the values in the rectangles. 


Not optimal, but I made the modifications once, exported the note to the desktop and now whenever I double click that icon I get a new table set the way I like it.  FWIW.



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