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android Sliding pane navigation bug -- Moto X

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On my Moto X (Android 4.4.4 build KXA21.12-L1.26):


Whenever the sliding panel is closed (i.e. whenever I am not viewing the base Evernote menu), the action of tapping the up button in the action bar opens the sliding panel back to the base menu.


The correct response would be to navigate up the notebook structure until reaching the base menu, THEN opening the sliding panel. In fact:

  1. this correct response is the behavior exhibited on my wife's LG Nexus 4 (also Android 4.4.4, build unknown at this time)
  2. this correct response is also the response on my phone when pressing the system back button

Please address this issue, and if possible comment on the choice to use the sliding pane layout instead a navigation drawer.

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In a bout of great timing, I woke up this morning to an update that has a navigation drawer for the base menu, conforming to SDK guidelines and addressing both issues above.


Well played, Evernote.

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