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One member, two Evernote ID's

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I don't know how  managed it but, as a newbie, I downloaded Evenote, later I got an email inviting me to put it on my PC so I could sync the two, I downloaded and installed on my PC but when I tried to synce, they wouldn't sync. It was then that I noticed the two user ID's

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Sounds like the best option is to just pick one account and stick with that. You can deactivate the second, unused account if you like. 


As to why this happens, I think it has something to do with the log-in flow in the Desktop application. The default is to start in the "Sign up" pane, rather than the log-in pane. If, while moving quickly, you happened to type in a secondary email address and password into the sign up fields by mistake (since "sign up" is the default display, rather than "log in"), you'd have ended up with a second account rather than a note saying that the account doesn't exist had it actually been a login screen. 


If you created notes in the unwanted account you can export them as a .enex file, log out of the unwanted account, log into the correct account, and import the .enex file. 

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