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k-12 EN total notebook connections- any way to increase it?

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Hi there, I am a teacher and am using evernote as a way for my students to have digital notebooks that they share with me. I use it in a way that I can access their work, look at their lessons, and be able to edit it in a way that makes sense (and more importantly can do it from my iPhone/ipad/at home or anywhere with my device that has internet). This system works fantastically and I am super pleased with it.

I only used it last year with one grade level and am now interested in using it with more grade levels to the point of having approximately 160 students all sharing their books with me. I have learned how to stack the books into grade levels and classes which makes finding books and assessing them much easier.



Is there any way that I can have all of my students connected through evernote?

Is it possible to increase the way that my students and I connect through the system?

I saw somewhere that you can only have a maximum of 100 books connected to you, is this true?

In using the paid version, will this increase the amount of books that I can be connected to?


I use 1 book for each grade level that I have publicly shared with the kids and they are connected to.

I then want to share and be able to modify their books that they connect with me.

How do I ensure that I can get them all connected as this seems to be the way of the future for notebooks.


Really interested in hearing your solutions... I am pouring through all the evernote forums looking for the answer.




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1) To share notebooks with your students, every student will need their own Evernote account. Make sure this is something that your school and your student's parents are okay with.

2) Here is the list of limits that exist for the various levels of Evernote service:


You will notice that Premium users can have a maximum of 250 notebooks. This is the sum of all of your notebooks, including ones you join or have shared. This would accommodate your 160 students + a few for a few grade levels. 

3) The possibility of sharing notebooks publicly was recently, temporarily revoked. While the feature has been re-instated, I don't know how much confidence I'd have in its indefinite availability.

4) You can ensure that each student gets and accepts the invitation to their individual shared notebook because you should get a notification in the "activity centre" in the evernote application (little satellite dish in the tool bar). You can also check the sharing settings for any given notebook to verify whether it has been joined or not. 

5) It would be wise for YOU to be the owner of the notebooks created for each student so you maintain control of it. It might be a bit technically challenging to get each of your 160 students' parents to share a notebook with you. 


As I see it your scheme would look something like this:

1 notebook for each student. You need to create each notebook, and enter the email address your student used when they signed up for Evernote = 160

1 public notebooks for each grade = 2 or 3 or so

Several notebooks of your own for your own personal needs = 1-5

This means you'd be using between 163 and 168 (or more) notebooks. This is well within the 250 limit imposed on Premium users. 


Your students could each use free accounts because they'd only have 2 notebooks - the personal notebook you create with them, and the public notebook. Plus any notebooks they create themselves. 


The one down side to this is that, I imagine in a school, it is an all or nothing thing. That is, if a single student or their parent decides they don't want to create an evernote account, then you'd probably have to abandon it for that entire class lest that student be left out. So you'd REALLY need to work hard to get buy-in from parents so that EVERY parent consents. 


Please please please make sure you ensure that this is okay with your school and the students' parents. Also please be very careful about including any personal information in the notebooks. The contents of these notebooks are stored on Evernote's servers, and while Evernote has pretty standard security features in place, you need to take caution about what you do with other people's information. 



I hope this helps. 

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Thanks so very much!

On the quick read this seems like it is exactly what I want!

More questions may follow...thank you so very much so far though.


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