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(Archived) substring searching?

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Hi folks.

Loving evernote for the couple of weeks that I've been using it.

The one thing that gets me is the searching. in particular, i simply want to find all of my notes that have a substring of a string anwhere within them. For example, if i have a document that has the word "foobar", it seems i cannot search for "bar" and have the search turn up the note that has "foobar" in it.

Another sample i have is that i have many notes that contain urls "http://www.foobar.com/foo/bar/ack". I want to do a search for "foobar", and have the search turn up the note that has "http://www.foobar.com..."

there seems to be odd requirements for quotes, parentheses, etc. But i'm not sure how they're supposed to work.



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If I paste this into a note:


I can search for this on the web using either "foobar" or "bar"

Whoops, i shouldn't have used "bar" twice (once in the hostname, and once in the path).

Try this:


Now search for "bar". Neither the mac client nor the web client will pull up the page.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty serious issue for me.

The Mac client has a bug related to words that are immediately preceded by punctuation, however. We're looking into this.

Great, hope this gets fixed soon! Keep up the good work.



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Evernote's search platform looks for "words" and "phrases", not arbitrary sequences of characters within your note. This provides fast, indexed search across large numbers of notes without all the false positives you'd get from character-by-character matching.

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Hmm, so that's it? It's out of the question, both now and ever? Seems like a big limitation. I also had a thread going on this issue (viewtopic.php?f=30&t=12023) and note in that thread that it would be very useful to be able to match a string anywhere. Even if not in a super-fast indexed way... slow will do for me on the odd occasion I really need it. Unless I'm mistaken, though, doesn't google find substrings (in an instant)?


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I'm using the Windows client and the iPhone client. So I tried it on the web version. It behaves differently...??? If I search for 'pray', the note is not found, even though the search criteria (in the blue ribbon at the top) shows 'pray*' OTOH, if I enter 'pray*' as my search term, the search criteria now shows 'pray**' and it does find the notes... It seems like this is a bug in the web search.



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