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Unable to Duplicate Table of Contents Note & Merge Together

Ranger Steve

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Hello everyone,


I'm looking for some help on something I did yesterday inside EN, but cannot duplicate it again. I didn't think I did anything unusual, but I canot seem to replicate the process. So I went to the Help menu and found no documentation for what had happened. Let me try and explain:


I work in a large facility and take pix or type notes to document problems as I find them while walking around. I keep these note/pix in a single notebook, by month.


I'd gotten away from EN for a while but came back just last week, to find a new item that wasn't available last time I used the program: Create Table of Content Note


I only found this when selecting all of my notes yesterday afternoon, thinking about creating a Stack for the month and then a seperate notebook for each day.


Once I saw the Create ToC Note, I selected that to see what would happen. What happened was impressive and was something I could definitely use: It merged the 5 notes into one single note, with a ToC placed at the top, with Links to each of the attached pages. Click a Link and it scrolled down to that page. It was better than creating a stack and adding more levels of notebooks, so I thought it was a nice feature to have. Please note the seperate notes were placed in the Trash by EN, not me, just as would happen during a normal merge. At the time, I didn't think anything was unusual, in fact I was pleased with this new feature as it simplified my notes.


The problem was today, when trying the same thing, I could create a ToC note, or I could merge several files together, but I cannot for the life of me, create a ToC note, with the files attached on subsequent pages. Reading the KB and these forums, it appears I can only do one or the other, but not both together, so I'm not sure how it came to be that it happened like it did yesterday.


I've attached a screen shot of what EN created for me yesterday with the personal info pixeled out. In the image, you can clearly see the ToC at the top, and then the first attached note right below. Can anyone explain to me how I was able to do this once, but can't replicate it again? The one difference I did notice between yesterday's ToC and the ones I created today: If you look at the attached image, you'll see right below the ToC, a SourceURL: with a link address. On the several ToC's I've created today trying to replicate this, there is no SourceURL: listed. I don't know if that'll help anyone pinpoint my issue or not.


The other strange thing is the only documentation I did manage to find says this ToC feature is listed only on the Macs, but I did this on a Windows 7, Desktop EN program. I have an IPad and IPhone, but this isn't an option on those devices. I have no access to a working Mac at this time.


If you need any additional info, please don't hesitate to ask as I know this could probably be explained better.





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You are correct, creating a TOC note and merging it with the content notes does not work.  Creating a TOC note does not merge the notes, it creates a new note with links to the notes that were selected.   Since you had the notes in the Trash, did you create the TOC and then click merge yesterday?  That would create a link problem.  


There is some buyer beware with links relative to local notes and what happens if you change a linked note (search the forum),  That being said, if your notes are synced and not likely to change, create the TOC, just don't merge them after.  If you like the TOC in that form of course. 

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