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How to solve a 'unsynchronized notes' problem


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I scraped internet articles by Evernote but then found a fold named 'unsynchronized notes'.

I don't think all the clippings are in the unsynchronized notes folder.

I deleted unsynchronized notes and tried to make them again, but they were in that folder.

So I can't see my clipping by other devices (i-pad/i-phone).


Is there anyone that has the same problem? How can I solve this?


(I am not an English user so maybe the words are not the same with others.)

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Hi - I've never seen an 'unsyncronised notes' notebook (Evernote doesn't have folders),  and on a windows installation I've never seen that folder either,  but the name suggests that it contains information that has NOT been sent to Evernote's server,  so deleting it without some action is not likely to be a good move.  Is it possible that you (or someone else) set up this folder for some purpose?


I'd suggest you check to see if the information has been copied to Evernote before you delete entries.

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