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Evernote internal links

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Dear all,

Using more and more internal links to interconnect and structure my notes, I wonder what become these links when the pointed-to note is deleted. Are the links let broken? Deleted?

Your insight about that question will be valuable.

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Thierry Chappuis

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The link doesn't work, whether it is broken or deleted, don't know.  What happens is that if you delete the linked-to note (no warning when you do this), subsequently when you click that link in any other note, nothing happens with the first click, you just sit in that note.  Click the link a second time and you go to all notes.  Happened to me once and took a couple of minutes to become determine what happened.

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More info on internal links...

Keep in mind the GUID (globally unique identifier) may change in certain circumstances.  IE, if the note you are linking to, gets moved from a sync'd notebook to a local notebook (even by accident), the GUID is changed & the link is now broken.  Even if you move it back to a sync'd notebook, the GUID is still different & the link is broken.  Or let's say you muffed up a note & want to pull it from a backup you have on your hard drive...importing that note will now give it a new GUID. 


So although they are nice, it may be good to not rely on them if it's very important. 


What I do is use the random password generator in Roboform & paste that into the notes.  IE, if I have note 1 & note 2 that I want "linked", I will add "Reference # abcdefghijk" in both notes.  Then I simply have to search on abcdefghijk to find all the related notes.

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Better to be used with notes which aren't going to be deleted is how I might phrase it.  And better to be used with notes that are synced, since if you ever have to import a local folder you will lose local note links (though you will still have the title of the target note in the note that contains the link).

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Thanks for the advice. All my notes are synchronized, since synchronization is one of the forces of Evernote.

Links/pointers are anyway a difficult problem in volatile environments as a note taking application. I will think twice before relying too much on this feature.

Kind regards


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