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Evernote not syncing on new Mac





I have a 13 inch MBA and Evernote Premium running on it. All is ok. It syncs with the website and my Ipad and Iphone. Yesterday I bought another MBA 11 inch and installed Evernote on it. I logged in with my same account details. However it doesn't sync any notes. I can see in the left side bar of Evernote on my 11 inch that it tries to download the notes. After 2 or minutes I get a "Syncing Error. The only difference on my 11 inch compared to my 13 inch is that I am running File Vault on the 11 inch.


Anyone an idea what the problem could be?





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Take a look at the Evernote Help > Activity Log.  It might give you a clue as to what's causing the problem.


If the Evernote folder on your Mac is encrypted, Evernote might not be able to read its own database.

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