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android Issues with Evernote Document Camera

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Whenever I take capture a document, I focus the document within the centered area in the document camera interface but Evernote captures the area outside the document as well, like in ordinary camera mode, leaving me to crop the photo every time. Is it supposed to be this way?


Also, the latest Android app took away editing features. Now documents captured have to edited by a third party app. Not a major issue but definitely slows down speed.

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Hi Nipon, 


I have the same issue but not always.

In fact, I feel, but I'm not sure, it mainly depends onimage quality, ligths, .... and many parameters. So, from time to time a page is shooted like a picture and next one is well captured.


With Skitch you can crop the image within your app



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In "Camera" Mode on a HTC One M8 using version 6.0...


I agree that the image captured is always larger than the viewfinder shows prior to taking the photo.  I would like the viewfinder to be more accurate so I won't have to crop as much.


I also find the following pixel dimensions in different modes.

2.0M setting yields 900 x 1200 or 1.08M  (not 2.0M)

1.3M setting yields 720 x 960 or 0.691M (not 1.3M)

1M setting yields 576 x 768 or 0.442M (not 1.0M)

VGA setting yields 360 x 480 or 0.172 (not 480 x 640 = 0.307M)


I like more resolution so I hope they get this fixed.


I also find that the autofocus isn't very accurate.  I hope this gets fixes also.

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Old topic but wanted to jump in because, a year later, I have this issue on my Galaxy Note 4. The edge detection appears to be nonexistent, even when I have a dark background against a light page. Example below: Sure, I can edit in Skitch or another app, but that defeats the purposes of having a dedicated document mode.



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@hherbzilla What version of Evernote are you running? Is the issue specific to Moleskine notebooks w/ the document camera, or does this happen with any document?

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This has been happening to me for over a year. Invariably, the document camera leaves out large sections of a Moleskin page. Or it includes large areas.

And, I get the "contrasting background" every time even though I'm putting the white pages on a dark brown or black dest.


Is there any fix?

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