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Shared notebook won't load, but only on laptop


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Hey EN community!


So I've been having an odd issue with a shared notebook that myself and my wife use for various shopping lists.


The notebook was created on my wife's account and is shared with me. She has premium, I do not.


The notebook loads just fine on my phone's EN, my work desktop's EN, my home desktop's EN, but for some reason it won't appear on my laptop's EN. My laptop is able to load all of my other notebooks (including another, different notebook created/shared by my wife's account), but not this one.


Both shared notebooks are visable as "Joined Notebooks" on Evernote web.


At one point the problem seemed to solve itself after an EN update, but now the notebook has disappeared from my laptop again.


Any ideas what might be going on?


Thanks guys!



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Not really..  if your other devices see this notebook,  and this device sees other shared notebooks but not this one,  it's difficult to imagine what might be special or different about these notes on this machine.  What OS are we talking here?  Vista / XP / 7 / 8 ??


Is your hard drive (or other storage) approaching full capacity?  Is this machine on the same internet connection as all the other devices?

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Running Windows 7 on all the devices.


Hard drive has plenty of room.


The laptop uses the same internet connections as the desktops/my phone since all of them function off of the same two wireless networks (home or work).


I'm completely stumped. If it was missing on all of them it would make sense, but to just be missing from one seems really odd.

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Hey gazumped/EN community!


I actually just fixed the issue this morning. It required not only uninstalling Evernote, but erasing all the registry files/App data from my laptop in order to get a truly fresh sync/download from the web. Once I did that and reinstalled, the notebook appeared just fine.


Thanks everyone!



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