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Adding images saved from web - not all showing up?

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Hey all,

I've been using the evernote app on a samnsung note pro 12.2 to take notes from some lectures, and often supplement these notes by finding a picture online, saving it to my device, and adding it to the note (using the insert image function, then selecting the image from the "downloads" category on my device). However, sometimes when I go to select the image I have saved I am unable to locate it to add. I know it's being saved to the device, I can find it through the device's file browser later. It seems to happen randomly (from what I can tell) no matter what, for example, the file extension or size of the image. Trying to save the same image again doesn't help, but other images will show up just fine. It seems to happen about 15%-20% of the time.

I imagine it must have something to do with the resolution of the image file but I haven't been able to figure out what determines success here. Anybody else experience this issue or have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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If this is happening sporadically it's difficult to know what is causing the problem - resolution shouldn't be the issue (AFAIK) except in so far as it affects the file size;  it could be that you're exceeding the max size for a note,  or having issues with your monthly upload limit..  are you keeping an eye on these?

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